June Calendar

June 1 -   Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
                Free Lunch — 11:00am
June 2 -   Communion Servers — 10:15am
                Worship — 10:30am
June 4 -   Worship & Music meetin — 7pm
June 5 -   Deacon Meeting — 6:30pm
June 6 -   Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
June 7 -   Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
June 8 -   Memorial for Roger Ritzmann — 11am
June 9 -   Worship — 10:30am
               Moving Up Day
June 11 -  TCC — 1:00pm, Grace Lutheran
                A.F.P. Meeting — 6pm
June 12 -  Men's Group Meeting — 6pm

Please Note:

                Joanne will be in Washington DC for a Conference from 6/23-6/26
                She will be back in the office on June 27
                If you need anything printed or copied, please get it to her before June 19.

June 13 -  Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
                Lazy 8's Meeting
June 14 -  Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
June 16 -  Worship — 10:30am — Father's Day
June 18 -  New Century Women Meeting — 5:30pm
                Session Meeting — 7pm
June 19 -  Annual Church Picnic — 5pm
June 20 -  Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
June 21 -  Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
June 22 -  VBS Meeting — 10am
                Baccalaureate at Holy Trinity Church — 6pm
June 23 -  Worship — 10:30am
June 25 -  Building & Grounds Meeting — 7pm
June 27 -  Thrift Store — 9 -1pm
June 28 -  Thrift Store — 9 -1pm

(Check the Weekly Bulletin for current events or changes)

Sundays, 10:45 am - 11:30 am

Batchellerville Presbyterian Church's
Sesquicentennial 1867-2017

You are invited to celebrate with us on August 6, 2017
Worship service to begin @ 10:00AM

followed by a program hi-lighting our history and a luncheon.

United choir will perform during worship.
Priscilla Edwards will give us a short presentation on the history of the church.
Lauren Roberts is preparing a "period" skit.
Lunch & fellowship to follow, served at the Edinburg firehouse hall.
We ask that you RSVP to the address below.
Indicate any/all of the options so that we can prepare.
                I plan to attend the service & program.
                I will come to the picnic
                I will attend all activities.
Food response requested by July 26, 2017.
Northville Presbyterian Church
150th Celebration Committee
PO Box 657 Northville, NY 12134

Rev. Rebecca Putman

The thrift store has relocated to the basement of our church. We are asking for people to work in the store. If you could just give 4 hours of your time each month on either Thursday or Friday, this would be a great help to us. If enough people help, we would not have to work more than once a month.
It will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
— Mona Cole

We can always use a helping hand on the first and last Saturdays of every month. You get back more then you give when helping others.

The Council of Churches Food Pantry is expanding its hours of operation to include every Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00. If you are interested in volunteering oneWednesday a month, please call Roger Rhodes (256-5766) or Carol McGrattan (774-8780).

37 S. Market St., Johnstown, NY 12095
Ph: 518.762.8263 Fax: 518.762.2981
Email: office@johnstownpresbyterian.org