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Rev. Leonard Sponaugle receives the charge during his installation


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They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellow-ship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

I assume we all have certain periods in history that fascinate us. For me, that period is the 75 years after Jesus' resurrection. Particularly it is the creation and formation of the early Christian communities into the nascent church that we are the inheritors of even today. Firstly, the creation was a response to the shocking event of the Messiah's death and then resurrection. Jesus had not turned out to follow the expected path of the Messiah. Most of these early communities formed around the original disciples. Eleven of them were left, and the ones that managed to stay together began practices that formed the early church. Secondly, at the same time and somewhat independently a man named Saul - later Paul, was the impetus for the creation of Christ following communities in which no participant had experienced a first hand encounter with Jesus.

To say that the formation of these groups occurred in fits and starts is an understatement; because so much went wrong. There was confusion, competition, and estrangement. Every kind of conflict we experience in our churches today we can see some form of in these early communities. There were disputes about leadership, how money should be spent, and about how worship should be conducted.

I think that by looking back at this time we can learn important and useful things for today. So now that we have traveled with the Gospel of John through Jesus' earthly ministry, his passion, and resurrection we will spend the next couple of months exploring the start of the Christian church during Sunday worship. If you too become fascinated by this era, I commend to you the book, Christianity At The Crossroads by Kruger. Its subtitle is "How The Second Century Shaped The Future of the Church".

Pastor Leonard

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