C H A R I T Y   W I N D O W


Our free lunch to the neighborhood takes place the first and last Saturday of each month. This program / ministry is making a difference in our neighborhood. It is not just food that people are receiving. The companionship around the table is a joy to see and experience. Of course, another benefit to this expansion is another opportunity for you to participate in mission. Please prayerfully consider helping out at our free lunch program.



37 S. Market St., Johnstown, NY 12095
Ph: 518.762.8263 Fax: 518.762.2981



The members of First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of Johnstown, believe that we are called to be the people who embody the love of God in Jesus Christ thereby becoming covenant people in who Christ again lives. We will work especially hard to provide programs for youth, educational and informational programs for the community (i.e. Parenting, aging parents, family issues, Habitat for Humanity, the Food Pantry, Hospice) and tending to people with special needs through in-home visitations and providing spiritual care in area nursing homes. We will plan and celebrate a Spirit filled, prayerful worship service each Sunday and we will provide Christian education for children and adults. We care about the connectional church and we will participate in Presbytery, Synod, General Assembly governance through prayers, financial resources, and serving as delegates and commissioners. We will participate in local ecumenical programs (i.e. Johnstown Council of Churches) and support global church reconciliation through the World Council of Churches.

Here is a list of needs this month. If you can purchase and donate any of these items it will be deeply appreciated. Drop them off in the box at the church and our Deacons will deliver them.
Canned hash, chili, stew, chicken, baked beans, beets and pineapple
Corn muffin mix, pudding mix, and dessert mixes (brownie, cake)
Ketchup and salad dressings

Also consider preparing a "Birthday Box"— information below.



Help someone celebrate their special day! First Presbyterian Church in cooperation with the One Church Food Pantry would like to provide a birthday box for clients' children.
What goes into a birthday box?

     1 boxed cake or brownie mix
     1 appropriate size foil pan(s)
     1 tub of icing with sprinkles
     1 small bottle of vegetable oil
     Assorted birthday candles, party napkins, hats (optional)
Put all items together in the foil pans or in a box or bag and deliver to the church office. We will deliver to the Food Pantry when we drop off our monthly donation.

ThriftSignNew Thank you to all our volunteers!!!

is doing well, but we really could use more help. Just four hours now and then. The job description is as follows:
        1. Open the store
        2. Sit by the desk
        3. Assist customers
        4. Cash them out
        5. Close the store at the end of the day
Please consider volunteering. A sign-up sheet is on the side table in the Knox Chapel.

OPEN Thursdays, Fridays & the first Saturday of each month 9am-1pm. Entrance is on the north side of church, just off S. Market St.
The Thrift Store has returned to its regular schedule. WE NEED YOU TO COME AND HELP! If you can volunteer ANY amount of time, please call us at 518-762-8263. This vital ministry needs you.

Prayer Chain Group for 2021
Do you need prayers or know of someone who might? Kindly call the church office or any of Prayer Chain members with your prayer request: Ruth Carey, Donna Chizek, Mona Cole, Liz Custer, Carol Hadcock, Jane Smith or Donna Van Aernam. If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Chain, we would be happy to add you to the list. 

If there is anyone who would like to attend church services but is unable to drive, please call the church office (762-8263).
Prayers are asked for some members of our congregation who are not feeling well. Remember we are here if anyone needs us. Please contact a deacon or the church office to ask for help.

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